Gift - Some people have special talents that stand them apart from ordinary people. These talents are known as Gifts- a boon or curse of fate at the moment of their birth. During character creation the player may choose to roll 1d20 and have a Gift bestowed on their character. This is completely optional. Once rolled, they must accept that Gift, whether it is good or ill. This can only be done during character creation and only once. This can only be chosen by a Bjuyvik Human.

1 Bad Luck (-1 on all Saving Throws)

2 Blood Feud (Family is feuding with other family)

3 Outlawed (PC or PC's family outlawed in some land. Likely arrested or killed on sight in that land)

4 Fearsome (-1 to Persuasion, +1 to Intimidation)

5-12 No Gift

13 Courage (Advantage vs fear once per long rest)

14 Good Luck (+1 on all Saving Throws)

15 Attractive (Advantage on Persuasion checks, once per long rest)

16 Inheritance (Small inheritance from parents or whatever. Small farmstead, Small merchant ship, or 3 times starting money)

17 Rune Knowledge (Know one Rune, chosen from list of runes. Possibility to make new one with DM)

18 Second Sight (Once per long rest, Advantage on Perception or Investigation checks)

19 Seer (Once per long rest, may cast Augury as a ritual)

20 Iron-blood (+1 to Constitution)