A rough script of lines carved into hard surfaces and possessing a specific magic, runes are believed to be a branch of enchantments. Though anyone has the ability to learn the runic script, few have the ability to make them hold their enchantments.


This rune depicts the presence of poison and protects against poisoning, after a fashion. This rune is carved onto the rim of a cup or bowl and it's magic is not permanent, typically only working for about one day. If the rune detects poison in its container, it shatters the container.

Beast Rune

This rune allows the writer to understand the speech of a particular animal. When shaping the rune, the shaper must specify a specific animal. A type of animal is not sufficient ("any bear" for instance). Once the rune is shaped, both the shaper and that specific animal can understand each other as long as the animal is in possession of the rune. Only one of these runes, per shaper, may be in effect at a time.


Carved onto the shaft of a weapon, this rune can be used to incite a berserker's fury. The name of the person must be made part of the rune and so is only available to that specific person. Only one of these runes, per shaper, may be in effect at a time. While in a Berserker's Fury, you may attack with Reckless Fury, as per the Barbarian feature.


This rune is tooled onto the palms of gloves. When the rune is shaped, the shaper must specify a wearer, place and time the rune should be active ("These gloves are for Hralfdan the Seal-Catcher in the battle against the goblins we are about to fight."). The rune is effective for about one week. When worn, these runed gloves allow the wearer to attempt to deflect missiles, much as the monk ability. The rune ends upon success or one week has passed, whichever comes first. Only one of these runes, per shaper, may be in effect at a time.


This dark and potent rune allows the shaper to communicate with the dead. When shaping the rune, the shaper must know the name of the individual they wish to speak to. The rune is then carved into a spear and stabbed into a grave mound or the sea. The dead spirit will then rise up and may answer up to three questions. The spirit may not lie, but often speaks in riddles, kennings and vague answers. The spirit is especially interested in having the shaper come with them to the afterlife. When using this rune, roll 1d100. On rolling 1-5, the spirit is accidentally freed from the afterlife and becomes a wight or other undead. 6-10, the spirit is actively hostile and may or may not attack. 11-100, the spirit behaves as normal.


This rune is shaped to aid in curing diseases and restoring health. This rune is carved onto a rock or plank of wood and placed under the pillow of a the person it is shaped for. After a long rest on this rune, the person chooses to have one status effect resolved.

A peculiar looking rune, this rune allows the shaper to free others or themselves from bonds or open locks. To use this rune, the shaper names the person to be freed or lock to be opened and carves the rune onto themselves. They then shout, undoing any restraints or locks they are targeting.