The Divines are a large pantheon of gods and goddesses covering most aspects of life. There are far too many Divines to list here, but the ones most commonly worshipped shall be listed.

Aptia – Goddess of the frontier, exploration and adventure. Her symbol is often depicted as 3 wavy green lines or, sometimes, a brown backpack.

Fervus – The mercurial god of battle and strength. He often claims storms and lightning as his purview as well, leading to many conflicts with Sariel.

Gaion – The stalwart god of protection, duty, and commitment. His symbol is typically an opened hand, palm out in a 'halt' gesture, with an open eye painted on it.

Hytia – Goddess of the warm seasons, the sun, and the dawn, Hytia is the wife of Sephine. Hytia is sometimes referred to as The Unsleeping, as she is one of the few who do not rest due to her duty of raising and lowering the sun each day.

Janirus – Divine of agriculture, the changing of the seasons, and worshipped as the creator of the human race. Janirus is said to take the form of a woman from Firvall to Enorost and then the form of a man from Firdemir to Enskalar. Janirus is usually represented as two faces, back to back, one male and one female. Sometimes they are simply represented as a bundle of wheat.

Lystra – Jovial goddess of luck, fortune, and wealth. She is typically depicted as a laughing, overweight woman, flipping a gold coin.

Sariel – Unpredictable goddess of the seas and all who trade or travel upon them. She often butts heads with Fervus.

Sephine – Goddess of the cold seasons and the moon, Sephine often oversees medicine and mercy as well. She is the wife of Hytia. Her symbols is a blue crescent moon.

Silvanus – God of the forests and all beings who call the forest their home. Silvanus is a god who largely keeps to himself. He is typically depicted as a very large stag with fiery antlers.

The Three Beauties – Damu, Emesh, and Saertir are three avian sister goddesses, representing the arts. They are typically depicted as beautiful songbirds. Damu is goddess of voice, whether it be storytelling, singing, or flowery speech. Emesh is goddess of personal beauty. Saertir is goddess of beautiful things made by hand, such as sculptures or clothing.

Ubris – Death Herself, Ubris is one of the small number of beings worshipped by those who follow the Old Ones and the Divines.